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Spiral Dynamics Pen

Beautifully designed ball pen with rotating multicolor head.

Can be spread around the office to remind your coworkers of the unfolding narrative of human evolution.

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This awesome tool is something you keep hidden somewhere in your cubicle.

Will amplify your voice to 110 decibels and comes with 23 pre-recorded phrases.

For example Winston Churchill’s loud and clear British voice in “He who is forewarned is also forearmed”, which will drown out even the most short-term office banter.

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This adhesive film with an illustration of Inayatullah’s Causal Layered Analysis “ice berg” can be wrapped around standard water coolers and will unquestionably deepen any water cooler moment.

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coffee cup

Thought-provoking and practical coffee mugs with slogans for the lunch room…

Comes with two quotes:

a) “The future is not a destination. It’s the end result of the actions that we take when we’ve had this cup of coffee”

b) “This present coffee break used to be the unimaginable future”